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           GM International Hotel and Apartment is located in the center of Van Cao Street – the most long-standing civilized street in HaiPhong, attracting more and more foreigners to reside here. Facilities such as services, food and beverage, and entertainment are all esily accessible. With favourable location: 4 km from HaiPhong City Center, 2 km from TD Plaza Shopping Mall, 15km from Do Son Beach, it is easy for guests to travel without wasting any valuable time.
Here at GM International Hotel and Apartment, our motto is to bring guests the most relaxing resting space, the most perfect service, comforting guests to feel like you're at home.
          Each room is harmoniously designed, fully-equipped, with luxurious yet modern interior, cozy space, together with perfect services which providing you with the “Service with personal Care”: breakfast buffet, lunch service, dinner service, romantic relaxing bar, gym fitness, sauna, massage, outdoor swimming pool, garden, overstorey coffee that nowhere else will bring you.
Contact Info

Welcome to GM International Hotel and Apartment
No 300 Van Cao Street,Hai Phong City
Email: gmhotel2017@gmail.com

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    Comfortable and relaxing space at GM International Hotel & Apartment
    Hotel rooms and apartments
    GM International Hotel and Apartment

    Address: No 300 Van Cao Street,Hai Phong City

    Email: gmhotel2017@gmail.com

    Hotline: 02253 866966


    Mobile: 0944 420180 ( Chinese - English) / 093 158 6600( Korean - English)

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